The CAFETO team

Currently, CAFETO consists of a team of 52 collaborators, highly qualified and whose excellent professionalism allows us to be today the 5th company in Catalonia in turnover and enjoy a technical solvency i econòmica que ens permet ser capaços de gestionar més de 1500 màquies automàtiques de vending distribuïdes per tota la geografia catalana i, eventualment, en d’altres indrets de la geografia espanyola, com València, Madrid i el País Basc , a través de partners altament qualified and with the maximum guarantees, in the line of the values ​​that govern the DNA of CAFETO.

The well-being of our team is one of our priorities. Within our company’s CSR improvement program, we have an annual budget item for maternity and paternity, as well as active flexible working hours policies to reconcile work and family life, in addition to initiatives aimed at minimizing absenteeism. work, subsidizing various activities that allow our employees to enhance their healthy habits, both food and physical well-being.

CAFETO: 25 years at your service


Provide high quality beverages and food to our customers in their workplace, using the best and most reliable vending machines, constantly innovating new systems so that our customers get more value by buying our products and services. We want our customers to enjoy the breaks they have during the working day tasting our products. ”
This Mission Statement provides two very important elements:
• Innovation
• Enjoy breaks at work
These two elements are our purpose, we want our customers to ENJOY their breaks, to find an excellent coffee and to be able to consume a snack while discussing the day with their colleagues. Therefore, we will INNOVATE, in all senses, so that we can attend more quickly in case of an incident, so that they can pay with any means of payment, to be able to distribute the best fresh products and so that in the early hours of the morning they have the machines properly supplied. , clean and in operation.

“Being the best Automatic Catering service company, the most admired by our Competitors, the most desired by our Customers and Consumers, a home for our Collaborators and an excellent partner for our Suppliers.”

That means we don’t want to be the biggest, the ones who bill the most, the ones who make the most money. All this does not interest us. We are interested in customers who want a different vending.

Always offer the highest possible quality

Our customers deserve to be served with the highest quality. That is why we will seek excellence in all the departments of the company, so that all the collaborators of our company will go to work with the aim of offering the highest quality in EVERYTHING they do. Therefore, from the person who is in the warehouse preparing orders to the person who answers the phone, through the technical service staff, administration, logistics, sales, workshop, replacement and, how can it be otherwise, also the Management, they will give the best of themselves so that everything comes out perfect. At VENDING CAFETO, with constancy and rigor as fully internalized work elements, we ALWAYS offer you the highest quality.

Commitment to the Environment, to Society and to our Collaborators.

Commitment is a word that binds you, that forces you to do what you promise. At VENDING CAFETO, we are proud to be committed to the environment, improving all our processes so that they are more respectful of the planet. Commitment to society, looking for products manufactured by responsible and ethical companies and of course, a total commitment to our collaborators, for whom we will always do our best so that they can reconcile their work and family life. Maximum efficiency and sustainability.


It is not enough to be flexible. We have to be very flexible. This is the most competitive advantage, the one that will last the longest.

When a customer needs something, we will never say “no” to it. We’ll tell him “let’s try.” We offer tailor-made solutions and we will do so by adapting to their needs, correctly managing our resources and capabilities so that the customer can have the desired service.

We are a great team, a great family

We can’t be the best if we don’t have the best team. Therefore, we will not only work as a team (but also), but we will do everything possible to make our collaborators feel “at home”, at ease with their colleagues and to fight for a common goal, that of all the company. Mutual work and honesty.

We are an Innovative company

We are constantly developing new processes to make it easier for our employees to carry out their work, for our customers to obtain better products and services, for our company to be more profitable and efficient and for our consumers to enjoy the latest technological advances. Leading company in the implementation of future solutions and new technologies applied to vending.

We are a Free company

We are free because we do not belong to any group, because we have no shareholder or partner other than the family, and because we have the ability to decide the path we want to follow. Advice and professionalism made available to our clients in order to achieve a comfortable and stable relationship for both parties.

Why us.

  • Why we offer you a comprehensive global service project, innovative, modern, sustainable and tailored to your needs.
  • Why we are the only company that guarantees you in the whole process the optimal traceability of the journey products and the maintenance of the cold chain.
  • Why we are a solvent, efficient and reliable company, with 25 years of experience in the sector and which has accumulated consolidated and constant growth in recent years, which allows us to continue moving forward in order to achieve our goal: that enjoy your moment of rest (ENJOY YOUR TIME).

What our customers say.

I have been hiring and tracking the vending service at my company for years. Unfortunately, from time to time I have had to change operators due to negligence in the service, no investment by the supplier or poor quality of the product. For 6 years I have been working with CAFETO and without a doubt the best supplier we have had in every way.

I was looking for a different vending, reliable and of the highest quality and solvency. I was looking for a different vending, reliable and of the highest quality and solvency. Buscava un vending diferent, de confiança i de màxima qualitat i solvència.

I contracted with CAFETO two years ago. Definitely a wise decision. They have an implemented management system that allows them to remotely know the food products of more and less rotation and, constantly and proactively, change the references that are not accepted by new products. In addition, they implement healthy eating projects in order to promote consumption and a healthy lifestyle in our company. Just what we needed!

Without a doubt, a different vending, of the highest quality and very innovative. It provides us with a global service (vending and other additional services). Excellent value for money and maximum professionalism.